How to Dress for Any Kind of Date with Celebrity Stylist Molly Dickson

Updated on Jan 4, 2022

Molly Dickson is a Los Angeles-area stylist for celebrities like Scarlett Johansson who has some great tips for women on how to dress for three kinds of dates: a daytime date (like going to a museum), an informal evening date like a comedy club, and a formal date like a nice dinner.

I like how her ideas are very practical as well as fashionable! For example, on a daytime date, you might be doing a lot of walking and perhaps even some moderate physical activity, so your clothes and shoes should allow for that.

So, here are her tips, brought to you by

How to Dress For a Date With Celebrity Stylist Molly Dickson | The Expert Guide | REVOLVE

What did you think of Molly’s tips? Please comment below! – Brian


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  1. Lisa

    Its great that you thought of advise for dressing, Its a wonderful look for someone young but maybe you can include a look for the middle aged person. Love your post. ❤

    • Brian

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your comments! I will keep an eye out for videos for more middle-aged folks!


      p.s., don’t worry, I fixed your typo. :-)


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