I’m so psyched that the Yamashiro Night Market is back!! (Actually, it’s now officially called the “Hollywood Night Market at Yamashiro“). This is one of my favorite summertime Los Angeles events! Starting in May 2019, it will be every Thursday night from 5 to 10PM during the summer. It has an awesome “night market” feel and one of the best views of Los Angeles and Hollywood!


Yamashiro has arranged for special parking for this event at Mosiac Church on La Brea at 7107 Hollywood Blvd. Shuttle to Yamashiro from there is $10 per person, round-trip. The last time I went, we just walked the half mile up the hill from the parking lot.

Alternatively, there is on-site valet parking at the restaurant for $25 without validation.

What to Bring

Even if it’s warm during the day, you should bring a light jacket. It was hot when we went up, but the temperature got cold quickly as the sun went down. Oh, and as always with Yamashiro, you’ll want to bring a camera. The view of the city is spectacular!

Tents at Yamashiro Farmers Market
Tents at Yamashiro Night Market

The Attractions

There are actually not that many stands offering fruits and vegetables at this market. Instead, there are food offerings such as pies, Italian cakes, hummus, jellies and jams, salsa, yogurt, and stuff like that. Almost all vendors offer free samples, so we tried almost everything, which was part of the fun.

Yamashiro Farmers Market produce
Produce at the market

There are also jewelry and clothing vendors.

For entertainment, there was a live band at one end, and a solo guitarist at the other.

The Food

The market offers various food tents serving food-truck type of food such as tacos, wood-fired pizzas, pupusas, dumplings, burgers, and BBQ offerings. For dessert, they had truck serving liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Unfortunately when I went, Yamashiro was not serving its own food at the market. I really liked their duck tacos!

There are lots of tea and drink options,as well as beer.

Yamashiro Farmers Market tables
Seating area at dusk
Yamashiro tent
The Yamashiro food tent (which was not there when I went this year, unfortunately)

The View

After dinner, you must hang around a while and watch the sun go down and the city lights go on. The view is simply incredible.

Yamashiro Farmers Market view
Above the food tents

Yamashiro itself is still open during the market, so you can always get food or drinks inside.  The outdoor Pagoda Bar is also open, although it is more crowded than usual during the night market.

The Pagoda Bar
The Pagoda Bar


The friend that I took here was totally blown away. She said it was one of the best date ideas in Los Angeles. Although the market is small, it makes up for it in quality and with the amazing view.

Please note, no alcohol, smoking, or pets allowed.

Have you been to the Hollywood Night Market at Yamashrio? What was your experience like? – Brian


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