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Los Angeles is a great city but it’s not always easy to find the best of what it has to offer. That’s why I created this site – to share my discoveries about the best of Los Angeles with you.

There are already tons of restaurant review sites and sites covering attractions in L.A. But, when you go on a date, there are a lot of important factors which are often not covered.  For example, what else is there to do in the immediate area?  What is the ambiance like?  What is the parking situation like?  Is the restaurant too noisy for conversation?

While restaurant review sites do a good job of describing the food, they often neglect these factors.  Maybe the food is awesome, but maybe the parking is a nightmare. So, logistics on a date are very important on a date.

I believe that a great date moves from one fun place to the next, preferably without the hassle of driving and parking.  Maybe you’ll start with dinner, then go to a different place for dessert or drinks, then see some attractions nearby or do some activity, like playing pool, or going dancing, or sitting on a beach at night.  So, I try to give date itineraries, not just a single date idea.

Second, I believe that ambiance is really important. Yes, good food at a restaurant is awesome, but if the ambiance sucks, it can be a mood-killer unless you’re prepared for it.  And yes, sometimes it’s great to get some great ethnic food at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but you will want to know in advance that it’s a hole-in-the wall and prepare accordingly!

Finally, I believe that on a date, you need a mix of interesting sights and activities along with some quiet time to talk.  That’s why I think a movie, by itself, is a bad way to get to know someone.  So are loud dance clubs.  I think the most successful dates are ones where you can walk around and experience cool and interesting things, and learn more about each other.

I hope these ideas are helpful, and please leave your thoughts and suggestions as well.  I’d love to hear your great L.A. date ideas!

If you’d like to contact me, please comment below. You can find me on Twitter at @BrianShimLA


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