L.A. Vegan Date Restaurants Even Carnivores Will Enjoy

Updated on Feb 27, 2024

Has this ever happened to you: You’re a meat-lover, but your date is a vegan, and you’ve never been to a vegan restaurant before and have no idea where to go.  Or, vice versa, you’re a vegan and you want to take your carnivore date to a restaurant they won’t hate. Here are some great vegan restaurants that I love, even though I’m a meat-eater.

1. Crossroads Kitchen Los Angeles (Melrose)

Wow! Probably the most formal restaurant on this list, Crossroads Kitchen is the best place to bring a vegan… or a carnivore who you want to convince to eat vegan. Every dish we tried was outstanding. For example, the “fried calamari” was actually mushroom, but it was virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, especially in texture.

It’s got a great atmosphere, and unlike most L.A. restaurants, it’s not insanely loud. Crossroads Kitchen is great for a special date, whether you are vegan or not! It’s easily the #1 vegan date restaurant that I’ve found in Los Angeles!

2. Gracias Madre (West Hollywood)

Many of the restaurants on this list, and a lot of vegan restaurants in general, tend to be pretty informal. Gracias Madre in West Hollywood ups the ante just a bit with a slightly more hip crowd and ambiance. This place is probably the one that I would most recommend taking a date to, with both indoor and outdoor seating and a full-service bar. The prices are very reasonable as well! Main dishes cost between $12 and $20.

Gracias Madre
Gracias Madre

Their primary cuisine is Mexican but they have some other types of dishes. I’d especially recommend their crab cake appetizer and their street corn!

Afterward, check out Verve Coffee Roasters next door, with a charming outdoor seating area.

3. Nic’s on Beverly (Mid City)

There’s a high concentration of vegan restaurants in this part of town, but Nic’s stands out because of its lovely ambiance and its take on vegan American cuisine. This is a great place for a vegan date!

4. Seabirds Kitchen (Los Feliz, Long Beach, Costa Mesa)

We had lunch at Seabirds Kitchen in Los Feliz and had a great time there. The food leaned toward Mexican cuisine and the space was clean and open. Pleasant spot for a casual date.

I had a breakfast burrito and I didn’t miss having meat in it! The grilled cheese sandwiches were also awesome. For dessert, we had a chocolate mousse made with avocado and there was no hint of avocado taste – only chocolate!

Location in Los Feliz is nice, right on Hillhurst Avenue. Their tiny parking lot was full when we arrived, but we found parking on Los Feliz Blvd. a half a block away.

Afterward, walk down Hillhurst and check out the other unique restaurants there. You can try to grab coffee at Maru, but I guarantee there will be a line!

5. The Butcher’s Daughter (Venice)

The Butcher’s Daughter on Abbott-Kinney Blvd. in Venice has an amazing farmhouse ambiance that is perfect for a casual date. Most of the menu items are vegan and gluten-free.

The Butcher's Daughter
The Butcher’s Daughter Juice Bar & Cafe

They have a large selection of juices and smoothies, as well as breakfast items, salads, and pizzas.

6. Cafe Gratitude (Various Locations)

I was reluctant to try Cafe Gratitude (which has locations in Venice, Beverly Hills, Larchmont, the Downtown LA Arts District, and Newport Beach) due to the quirkiness of what I had heard about it. The menu items have names like “Devoted”, “Humble”, and “Grateful”, and when you’re ordering, you’re supposed to say “I am Grateful”, and the server will re-affirm that. This seemed kind of New Agey and weird to me, but when I finally went and tried the food, I became a believer. The food was amazing!! We had the cauliflower appetizer with buffalo sauce, a vegan version of buffalo wings. While I do love buffalo wings, I enjoyed this dish completely guilt-free! For my main entree, I had the SF Mission Burrito (“I am Original”) which was also great!

Unlike some vegan restaurants, Cafe Gratitude does not try to create fake meat out of vegetables. Instead, they use interesting flavors and combinations to create their dishes. Oh, and all of the main dishes have a source of protein, and all dishes are organic. Prices are very reasonable considering!

I also like the clean, inviting atmosphere of the Venice location. They also have great outdoor seating. Check it out!

7. Satdha Plant-Based Thai Kitchen (Santa Monica)

Their subtitle might not sound that appetizing, but the food at Satdha on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica is excellent. Their pad Thai is great, and I really recommend their “catfish” eggplant, which is crispy battered eggplant in a flavorful sauce. It’s one of their most popular dishes and it’s amazing! Satdha gets Four-and-a-half stars on Yelp!

Fried "catfish"eggplant at Satdha
Fried “catfish”eggplant at Satdha

The atmosphere is very casual – not good for a formal date but fine if you just want to enjoy really good vegan Thai food.

8. Sage Plant-Based Bistro (Various Locations)

The food at Sage Plant-Based Bistro & Brewery is simply awesome. Last time I went, I was super hungry and left totally satisfied. I’ve been to their Echo Park and Culver City locations. They also have a location in Old Town Pasadena.

Their Echo Park location is less polished than their Culver City location, but it is in keeping with the more hipster Echo Park / Silverlake vibe.  It’s located in an old vintage shopping and athletic center building on 1700 Sunset Blvd.  It’s fine for a charming informal date.

Sage Vegan Bistro in Echo Park
Sage Vegan Bistro in Echo Park

I had the Tempeh Sausage Florentine from their brunch menu. Wow, it was fantastic. So flavorful!

Tempeh Sausage Florentine at Sage
Tempeh Sausage Florentine at Sage

One of my friends had pancakes that were topped with sweetened granola and “butter”, which was amazing. They also have some great Mexican dishes. The Culver City location has a completely different feel; so much so that I initially didn’t realize that it was related to the one in Echo Park. The vibe is a bit more upscale – fine for a bit more formal date.

9. True Food Kitchen (Various Locations)

True Food Kitchen has several locations in the LA area, including the Santa Monica Main Place mall. They do serve meat, but they have many vegetarian and vegan options which are clearly marked on the menu. The seating area is airy, pleasant, and casual. Anyone into healthy eating will like this place. It’s great for a lunch date or informal dinner.

True Food Kitchen
True Food Kitchen

10. Real Food Daily (West Hollywood and Pasadena)

Real Food Daily has locations in West Hollywood near the Beverly Center, and Pasadena. I usually have their vegan burger when I go there, and I’m always satisfied. They also have some great vegan desserts which you shouldn’t miss. The atmosphere there is not formal but fine for a mellow date.

11. Bulan Thai Vegetarian (Silverlake)

Thai cuisine lends itself well to being vegan, so it’s not surprising that there are several on this list. I went Bulan Thai Vegetarian with a vegetarian friend, we were both impressed with the food. A majority of the items are vegan or have vegan options. Atmosphere was good enough for a casual dinner date.

12. The Vegan Joint (DTLA, Culver City, Woodland Hills)

The Vegan Joint was my first experience with a vegan restaurant.  One of my vegan friends convinced a reluctant buddy and me to go there, knowing we were carnivores.  We gave it a try and loved it.  Their breakfast dishes are great.  Their chicken is awesome as well.

The Culver City location is very casual with a “mom and pop” hole-in-the-wall vibe; I wouldn’t go there on a formal dinner date, but it’s okay if you just want some good vegan food.

More Recommended Vegan Restaurants

Okay, my friend Jessica, who is vegan, was kind enough to give me a list of her favorite vegan restaurants in the L.A. area!  Here they are (in no particular order):

I can’t wait to try all of these! What are your favorite vegan restaurants? Leave a comment below! – Brian

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