There are many wonderful beaches in Los Angeles and Orange County, but many of these are crowded and lack privacy. I’d like to tell you about a “hidden gem” that I found.. a beach that feels like a private beach far away from the crowds of the city. It’s a bit of a drive up the 101, and hard to find even with directions, but that’s why it’s so uncrowded and great!

Getting There

To get to Lechuza Beach, drive up the 101 towards Malibu and turn towards the water on Broad Beach Road.

The entrance to the beach is located between Cottontail Lane and Bunnie Lane, so park accordingly (you may have to park a few blocks away).

Broad Beach Road
Broad Beach Road

There are other entrances at East Seal Level Drive and West Seal Level Drive. Some folks have said that these entrances are now gated off. I personally have not tried these, but if you have, please leave a comment below!

Note that no dogs are allowed on this beach.

Finding the Entrance

Now, the actual entrance to the beach is a small walkway that is hard to find. The actual entrance looks like this:

Entrance to Lechuza Beach
Entrance to Lechuza Beach

You might see a sign that says “Right to pass by permission and subject to control by owner” or some such nonsense, but ignore it. It’s just an attempt by the locals to keep people out. You’ll reach a wooden staircase down to the beach:

Wooden stairs to beach
Wooden stairs to beach

Then you’ll reach the beach, secluded and removed from civilization! Of course, there will be other people during peak summer days, but relatively speaking, it should be less crowded than the big beaches down south. Close your eyes and pretend you’re in Hawaii!

Note however, that this beach isn’t ideal for surfing or swimming, as the shoreline is rocky. It is however, very beautiful and relaxing!

Lechuza Beach
Check out the rock formations when you’re there


For some great fried sea food, I recommend Neptune’s Net, 6.4 miles up PCH (north). They have some of the best fried clams, shrimp, and fish around. It’s sooo good after a day at the beach!

Well, enjoy, and let’s keep this our secret! – Brian


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