The Venice/Santa Monica area is one of the most popular parts of Los Angeles county to meet single people. You’ll find lots of young, beautiful, successful men and women in their 20’s and 30’s here. So, check out my list of the top ten places to meet single people in Santa Monica and Venice. Oh, and by the way, most of the places on this list do not have a cover charge.

1. The Bungalow (Santa Monica)

Located on the grounds of the Miramar Hotel at the corner of Wilshire and Ocean, The Bungalow simply can’t be beat when it comes to the sheer number of young beautiful people who go there almost every night. This outdoor bar/lounge has a laid-back atmosphere that is welcome change from Hollywood club snottiness, even though you might see a celebrity or two here. The beach house vibe makes even casual attire acceptable, but I suggest dressing up anyway.

The Bungalow
The Bungalow

Go early on the weekends, as a line forms at about 9:30PM and the place gets packed. The crowd is young, mostly 20’s and 30’s. This is easily the hottest place to meet young attractive single people in Santa Monica.


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2. 41 Ocean (Santa Monica)

On Friday and Saturday nights, 41 Ocean is packed with young singles looking for a good time. If you go and no one is there, don’t leave right away, because the crowd comes suddenly and there will be a line before you know it.

41 Ocean
41 Ocean

They usually have live music, and by 10 or 11PM it will be packed on any Friday or Saturday night. Like the Bungalow, the crowd is laid back but very attractive at this Ocean-avenue establishment.


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3. The Lincoln (Venice)

The Lincoln is a relatively new wine bar type of place with a homey vibe similar to the Bungalow. Go on a Friday or Saturday night to find it packed with very attractive, but casually dressed, young people who are friendly as long as you are not a jerk.

As a bonus, they sometimes have free hot dogs in the patio – perfect for late night munchies!


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4. 31 Ten Lounge (Santa Monica)

Located on Main street near Venice, 31 Ten Lounge gets hoppin’ around 10 or 11PM on Friday and Saturday nights. There’s usually a DJ and a large crowd of young singles which fills the outdoor space. Go before 10:30PM because a long line forms later in the night.

31 Ten
31 Ten

5. Suite 700 at the Shangri-La Hotel (Santa Monica)

The rooftop bar of the Shangri-La Hotel, called Suite 700, is the best outdoor rooftop bar in Santa Monica. People who can’t get into the Bungalow often overflow to the Shangri La by default. That, along with great views and great crowds make this an ideal place to meet single people.

Hotel Shangri-La
Hotel Shangri-La

6. James’ Beach (Venice)

You’ll find James’ Beach packed on a Friday or Saturday night with single young people. Some people say this place is really good, while others say it has a high “douche-bag” factor. One thing is for sure, it’s definitely popular and crowded. Check it out and judge for yourself.


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7. The Victorian / Basement Tavern (Santa Monica)

The Victorian is one of the most picturesque properties on Main Street. The patio and first floor bar are usually teeming with young single people on weekend nights. Don’t miss the live band downstairs in the Basement Tavern. It’s hot, sweaty, and loud, but after you meet someone you can bring them upstairs for better conversation.

The Victorian
The Victorian

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8. Twilight Concerts at the Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica)

During the summer, the Santa Monica Pier attracts huge crowds on Thursday nights for free outdoor concerts. Arrive early, because parking and traffic will be a nightmare. But, you’ll be around more single people than at almost any other event in Santa Monica. Check the schedule online.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier

9. Main Street (Santa Monica and Venice)

I’ve already mentioned a few Main Street venues, but I also should mention Main Street itself, which is crowded with single bar-and-restaurant-hoppers on any given weekend night. How’s your “street game”? There are also some other good restaurant/bars with single people here like Areal, Rick’s Tavern on Main, Finn McCool’s, Circle Bar, and O’Brien’s Irish Pub.

Main Street
Main Street

10. Urrth Cafe (Santa Monica)

For those of you not into bars, this coffeehouse is usually packed with young people on a given night. Meet someone in line or approach someone at a table if you are adventurous. Urth Cafe is located on Main and Hollister.

Urth Cafe
Urth Cafe

11. Third Street Promenade (Santa Monica)

If you have good “day game”, you can meet some of the young professionals who work and live in the area. Lots of startups nearby means lots of young people hanging out during lunch and for happy hour, or on their way to yoga after work. At night the place becomes more of a date area, and a bit touristy, so check it out during the day.


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12. Casa del Mar (Santa Monica)

If you are into a bit older crowd (not that much older), then you might want to check out the exquisite lobby and bar of Casa del Mar. Located right off the Strand, it has a great view of the carousel on the pier. Grab a drink and enjoy live music on the weekends.

Casa del Mar front
Casa del Mar

13. The Viceroy Hotel (Santa Monica)

The hip Viceroy Hotel on Ocean Avenue has a cool bar and great poolside lounge. It used to be one of the hottest spots in town for singles, but now it’s kind of hit-or-miss. There is sometimes a DJ on weekends. Sometimes there are private events which occupy some of the spaces.

The Viceroy Hotel
The Viceroy Hotel

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14. Whole Foods / Erewhon / Trader Joe’s

I have a friend who has actually gotten multiple dates at the Whole Foods on Lincoln and Rose. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t think of a supermarket as a typical “hot spot”, but consider this: the people at these higher-end supermarkets are affluent, health-conscious, and often attractive. Go right after work to find the highest concentration of single people grabbing dinner.

Whole Foods
Whole Foods

15. Walk a Dog at Palisades Park

There are tons of young, fit, beautiful people who work out, jog, and walk at Palisades Park. Bring a cute dog and you’ll at least strike up a conversation with another dog owner!

Strangers meeting while walking their dogs
Strangers meeting while walking their dogs at Palisades Park in Santa Monica

Where Else?

What did I miss? Let me know the best places you’ve found in Venice and Santa Monica to meet single people in the comments below.

Before you leave, check out these tips on how to meet more people when you go out. – Brian


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