I was having a really great time on a first date. We had a great dinner, then we had gone dancing until midnight. I wasn’t sure where things were going from there, when she said “I wonder if there is anything cool going on now?”

I hadn’t expected that.  I strained my brain to think of some cool lounge or something that was open after midnight, but nothing came to mind in that area. Since I was driving I couldn’t exactly use my phone to find anything. I didn’t want to get off the freeway and start searching randomly, so the date ended after I drove her home. Doh!

When I got home, I kicked myself for not having a plan for the “after party”!  I vowed never to make that mistake again!!!

One Secret to an Amazing Date

I realized that the date could have been so much better if I had a better plan for the night.  It’s not good enough to have one place to go for your date.  You should have a complete “date itinerary” of three or four activities to do during the time of your date.

Let me give you another example.  Let’s say you make a date to go rollerblading in Santa Monica.  That is fine, but it can be better.  Here is a more complete plan:

  • Go rollerblading in Santa Monica
  • Afterwards, get a bite to eat at the Caribbean place on Ocean Avenue
  • Then get drinks at Casa Del Mar while watching the sun set over the ocean in their gorgeous lounge
  • Afterwards, walk to Urth Caffé on Main for a late-night dessert

That is a complete date itinerary. You might not get to go to all of these places during your date, but you’ll kick yourself if your date goes well and you don’t have a plan.

Have you ever had this conversation?

“What do you want to do now?”
“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. Hmmmm…”

Don’t make that mistake! Have a complete date itinerary of three or four things to do during your date!


When planning your date, logistics are very important.  It’s ideal to have everything within walking distance as in the example above, but that is not always possible. Do some research beforehand and figure out the best routes, parking situation, and so forth.  There’s nothing that kills the mood like getting lost, not being able to find a venue, getting stuck in traffic, or other mishaps.

Yes, this takes work and planning, but after you do it a few times, you’ll have lots of places in your back pocket, so it will be effortless later.

So, plan head, and plan for the best case! Plan for the case that your date really wants to hang out with you for the whole night. Have lots of activities lined up and turn a good date into an amazing date! That is the philosophy I have when I write about date ideas on this site, so check them out!

Please leave your thoughts! – Brian


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