I just read a great article on Trulia showing where single women and men live in major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles. The demographic information is fascinating, and perhaps it will help single people decide where to live, or at least, where to try hanging out.

The graphic for Los Angeles from Trulia is below. Dark blue means there are +25% more men and dark pink means +25% more women, so these are pretty big differences:

Map of singles in Los Angeles

Map of single men and women in Los Angeles from Trulia

It’s hard to get oriented on that map, so I’ve superimposed a Google map of LA on top of it here:

Los Angeles Singles Map

If you are looking for single women, check out mid city. Also, Culver City and areas to the south and east, as well as Sherman Oaks.

If you are looking for single men, check out Downtown LA, Venice, Marina del Rey, the South Bay and Long Beach.

All singles should avoid the grey areas.  Those areas have too few singles to report!

Nationwide, if you want to find women, check out Washington DC, Boston, and New York City.

If you want to find men, try Las Vegas, Honolulu, and San Jose.

Hope you found this useful! For more information on other cities like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco, check out the excellent article on Trulia. – Brian


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